Careers, Employment & Jobs in the sex industry in Melbourne. Sex worker jobs in brothels in Melbourne. We are a legal establishment that holds a Brothel licence issued by the government. Laws in Victoria allow advertising for – Brothel Workers, Sex Providers, Prostitutes and Escorts for sex jobs and brothel jobs.
However, if you have interest, please text us on 0494 041 065. We will call you back at your convenience for a chat, or organise a tour around our venue at any time that suits you. Then after careful consideration, you decide this is an industry you might enjoy, it will be your direction entirely.

Important things to consider when looking for work in an adult establishment...
o High door count (busy)
Amazing income, ladies’ share
o Flexible hours
o Accommodations and facility
o Freedom of choosing clients
o A very safe, clean and comfortable working environment
o High quality CCTV security cameras & monitors for a safety and private environment
o Experienced and friendly management team, always ready to assist you
o All information about the ladies is confidential and their privacy is protected
Please browse our website to learn more about us and our legal status in the adult industry in Melbourne. There are several other websites which may be of value to individuals seeking employment in the sex industry including www.sexworker.org.au

New Sex Workers - Questions Answered
1) How old do I have to be?
To work in the Sex Industry in Australia you need to be over 18 years old.
2) Can I work legally in the sex industry in Australia?
Each state of Australia treats the question differently. Working in the Sex Industry here in Victoria is definitely legal.
3) Do I have to be Australian?
No, there is work in our industry for Men & Women from all over the world. If you are from overseas you will need a Visa which allows you to work here.
4) Must I surrender my passport to a brothel owner?
Definitely not! If you are from overseas and have the correct Visa for working in Australia, you must keep your passport safe. You must also be free to come & go from any Brothel whenever you like. The money you earn for your work must be paid to you before each job. The Brothel owner or Manager must not keep your money (unless you ask them to).
5)Do I get to choose my clients?
You are free to choose which Customers you will see or will not see. A brothel owner to operate his or her business does not imply to control what Working Girls do or don’t do.
6)What is the relationship between me & the brothel owner?
Ladies who offer their services in Victorian Brothels are, in a sense, self employed. The Brothel owner is in the business of renting rooms to Clients and the Working Girls are selling their own personal services to those Clients.
7. How do I earn money?
Ladies earn their split for each booking, this means you will always take home your earnings at the end of each shift.
8. What sort of spilt can I expect:
ladies are paid as: . 20Min $ 25Min$ 30Mon$ 45Min $ 60Min$
We keep rest in exchange for clean towels, bedding, safety/security, condoms, marketing, and reception. CAN I FLY IN AND FLY OUT?
9. What about accommodation?
We welcome all local, interstate ladies and oversea ladies that wish to come for short or long frequent stay. We provide rooms to accommodate you.
Eligible ladies may even ask for their airfares to be reimbursed.
10. How am I protected?
Seaside Angels is a safe venue, our managers, reception staff and audio/visual 24 hour surveillance ensures the safest working environment.
11. How is my identity protected?
Our photoshoots and content put online always disguises our ladies’ tattoos and faces. Check out our roster for yourself. Only ladies choosing to show their face or noticeable features aren’t disguised online

0494 116 501 At the Seaside Angels, we have always regarded the relationship between us and our service providers as similar to a partnership. Working together with mutual respect, co-operation & trust is a good foundation for a viable business relationship & a win-win situation. We welcome contact by anybody requiring further information regarding a brothel job, sex industry jobs or adult industry jobs in Melbourne or any other employment, careers & job opportunities. seasideangels6@gmail.com .